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Tag: vscode-debugger

How does the VS Code Python “justMyCode” debugger feature determine which code belongs to the user?

Visual Studio Code offers a debugger launch option called justMyCode which allows – if set to false – to step-into non-user written code when debugging. The documentation says: When omitted or set to true (the default), restricts debugging to user-written code only. Set to false to also enable debugging of standard library functions. But this doesn’t seem to include only

Setup custom launcher with paths as a param values in VS Code (Flask – certificate path)

There is an example in Visual Studio Code python setup tutorial it is shown how to setup Flask. My problem starts when I try to provide self-signed certificate paths. I’ve tried to add following configuration: I’ve tried to provide key/cert as: C:\FULL_PATH\TO\FILE C:/FULL_PATH/TO/FILE ‘C:\FULL_PATH\TO\FILE’ “C:\FULL_PATH\TO\FILE” and I always getting one of these error messages: Error: Invalid value for “–key”: “–cert”