Delete sql table rows from python

I can successfully connect my python notebook with sql server this way : Let’s take this sample dataframe : I have a sql table with the same columns, named table_name. Objective : I want to delete in table_name all the rows where a row in df has the same Name, same Date, same Status, and Max = 0 (only in table_name, not necessary in df) I tried the following but it doesn’t work : Could you please help me to understand what is wrong ? Answer Different libraries use different symbols for their placeholders. The one you are using apparently

INSERT INTO SELECT based on a dataframe

I have a dataframe df and I want to to execute a query to insert into a table all the values from the dataframe. Basically I am trying to load as the following query: INSERT INTO mytable SELECT * FROM …

Write Large Pandas DataFrames to SQL Server database

I have 74 relatively large Pandas DataFrames (About 34,600 rows and 8 columns) that I am trying to insert into a SQL Server database as quickly as possible. After doing some research, I learned that the good ole pandas.to_sql function is not good for such large inserts into a SQL Server database, which was the initial approach that I took (very slow – almost an hour for the application to complete vs about 4 minutes when using mysql database.) This article, and many other StackOverflow posts have been helpful in pointing me in the right direction, however I’ve hit a

Retrieving Data from SQL Using pyodbc

I am trying to retrieve data from an SQL server using pyodbc and print it in a table using Python. However, I can only seem to retrieve the column name and the data type and stuff like that, not the …