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Tag: sql

difference between autobegin and Session.begin

In the following code snippet a commit is executed once the with block is exited. As per the docs The Session object features autobegin behavior, so that normally it is not necessary to call the Session.begin() method explicitly Running without begin, like so does not commit even though the docs mention autobegin is not needed. The docs for Session.begin

Inserting csv file into a database using Python

In Python I’ve connected to a Postgres database using the following code: I have created a table called departments and want to insert data into the database from a CSV file. I read the csv in as follows: And I am trying to insert this data into the table with the following code: which I’ve seen done in various articles

convert data to 1NF

I have a dataset like this name date singer language phase 1 Yes or No 02.01.20 Benjamin Smith en 1 2 Parabens 01.06.21 Rafael Galvao;Simon Murphy pt;en 2 3 Love 12.11.20 Michaela Condell en 1 4 Paz 11.07.19 Ana Perez; Eduarda Pinto es;pt 3 5 Stop 12.01.21 Michael Conway;Gabriel Lee en;en 1 6 Shalom 18.06.21 Shimon Cohen hebr 1 7

how to use multi variables in a single SQL python code

I have used this code to use two variables in a single SQL code in Python : but I’ve got this error : MySQLInterfaceError: Python type tuple cannot be converted though I’ve converted my strings into a tuple like this: how can I use these two variables in my cursor.execute code? Answer

How to union two counts queries in SQLAlchemy?

I have two queries and the only difference between then is that one is counting the success status and the other failure status. Is there a way to get this result in just one query? I’m using SQLALchemy to do the queries. Answer You can use conditions on Count, your query will look like: