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Tag: amazon-web-services

Query S3 from Python

I am using python to send a query to Athena and get table DDL. I am using start_query_execution and get_query_execution functions in the awswrangler package. The code above creates a dict object that stores query results in an s3 link. The link can be accessed by res[‘ResultConfiguration’][‘OutputLocation’]. It’s a text link: s3://…..txt Can someone help me figure how to access

Event Pattern rule “anything-but” using CDK

I am trying to add the following Event Pattern to specific rule on Event Bridge I tryed to use this python code but the “source” does not accept a json, only string array: So I decided to try using dumps: but does not work as expected, with result: Is there any way to add “anything-but” rule in source, or this

How do we minimize lag in aws-secretsmanager-caching-python when secrets get rotated?

We are using AWS Secrets Manager to store public/private keys to encrypt decrypt messages between services and want to rotate secrets. aws-secretsmanager-caching-python looks perfect for caching our secrets, but it has a refresh interval with a default of one hour. What happens for the 1-60 minutes that an old secret is cached and will no longer decrypt messages? We can

AWS ElasticBeanstalk LoadBalancer Config Not Linking my aplication to my domain

I created an aplication but Its is not linked to my domain exp: “”, “”, when I access it I get: I need to make my ElasticBeanstalk application connect to my domain ( im the owner here’s my application loadbalancer prints: currently I have no rules on EB LB My EC2 LoadBalancer:: Answer Based on the comments and your updates.

AWS Aurora: bulk upsert of records using pre-formed SQL Statements

Is there a way of doing a batch insert/update of records into AWS Aurora using “pre-formed” Postgresql statements, using Python? My scenario: I have an AWS lambda that receives data changes (insert/modify/remove) from DynamoDB via Kinesis, which then needs to apply them to an instance of Postgres in AWS Aurora. All I’ve managed to find doing an Internet search is