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Tag: aws-lambda

AWS Lambda Python Boto3 – Item count dynamodb table

I am trying to count the total number of items in the Dynamobd table. Boto3 documenation says item_count attribute. (integer) — The number of items in the specified table. DynamoDB updates this value approximately every six hours. Recent changes might not be reflected in this value. I populated about 100 records into that table. output shows 0 reccords Answer As

S3 notifications generating multiple events and how to handle them

There is this S3 notification feature described here: Amazon S3 event notifications are designed to be delivered at least once. Typically, event notifications are delivered in seconds but can sometimes take a minute or longer. and discussed here. I thought I could mitigate the duplications a bit by deleting files I have already processed. The problem is, when a second

Lambda to call incoming webhooks

I have been using a bash script to call a webhook that trigger azure devops pipeline, now want to use lambda function to do the same thing but am having issue with identation. The error is below and am not sure why is not working. Any idea why? Trying this now and comes up with : But the error comes

AWS Aurora: bulk upsert of records using pre-formed SQL Statements

Is there a way of doing a batch insert/update of records into AWS Aurora using “pre-formed” Postgresql statements, using Python? My scenario: I have an AWS lambda that receives data changes (insert/modify/remove) from DynamoDB via Kinesis, which then needs to apply them to an instance of Postgres in AWS Aurora. All I’ve managed to find doing an Internet search is