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Tag: apple-m1

Pandas on Apple Silicon M1 chip within the Ubuntu container

I have a trouble understanding the issue here: We have Docker image ubuntu:20.04 MacBook Pro on M1 chip Old pandas version wheel (legacy system) Within our Docker image, we use Poetry to manage dependencies: But when we try to build this image on the M1 machine, we face the error ERROR: pandas-0.24.0-cp38-cp38-linux_x86_64.whl is not a supported wheel on this platform.,

Problems installing lxml on M1 mac

So, I’m having the classic trouble install lxml. Initially I was just pip installing, but when I tried to free up memory using Element.clear() I was getting the following error: I thought this must be because lxml is using the system’s libxml2 which is probably out of date. So I used homebrew to install libxml2 and libxlt, and I force

Installing scipy and scikit-learn on apple m1

The installation on the m1 chip for the following packages: Numpy 1.21.1, pandas 1.3.0, torch 1.9.0 and a few other ones works fine for me. They also seem to work properly while testing them. However when I try to install scipy or scikit-learn via pip this error appears: ERROR: Failed building wheel for numpy Failed to build numpy ERROR: Could

How to fix this import matplotlib problem in M1 Mac?

I bought Mac M1, and now setting up my python environment. I installed Rosetta 2, and set my Terminal as Rosetta 2 I installed pyenv with brew installed Sqlite3 with brew installed python 3.9.4 with pyenv (set as global) installed visual studio code with brew installed pandas with pip in Terminal(arm64) (problem solved, thank you hd1) Now I am trying

Python/pip process are killed in virtualenv (Apple M1 chip)

When I execute pip or python in MacBook M1 chip virtualenv, the process always terminates immediately with message like: or Python and pip in M1 MacBook native environment run fine. Only in the virtualenv they don’t work. Answer After some research, I find out it is related with “x86_64” and “arm 64” architecture. To solve the problem, you have to