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Tag: apple-m1

Pandas on Apple Silicon M1 chip within the Ubuntu container

I have a trouble understanding the issue here: We have Docker image ubuntu:20.04 MacBook Pro on M1 chip Old pandas version wheel (legacy system) Within our Docker image, we use Poetry to manage dependencies: But when we try to build this image on the M1 machine, we face the error ERROR: pandas-0.24.0-cp38-cp38-linux_x86_64.whl is not a supported wheel on this platform.,

Problems installing lxml on M1 mac

So, I’m having the classic trouble install lxml. Initially I was just pip installing, but when I tried to free up memory using Element.clear() I was getting the following error: I thought this must be because lxml is using the system’s libxml2 which is probably out of date. So I used homebrew to install libxml2 and libxlt, and I force

Installing scipy and scikit-learn on apple m1

The installation on the m1 chip for the following packages: Numpy 1.21.1, pandas 1.3.0, torch 1.9.0 and a few other ones works fine for me. They also seem to work properly while testing them. However when I try to install scipy or scikit-learn via pip this error appears: ERROR: Failed building wheel for numpy Failed to build numpy ERROR: Could