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Location for Python version on macOS (using universal-installer for 3.10.5)

My very first post here, as new comer to MacOS and Python. Recently installed python 3.10.5 via macOS 64-bit universal2 installer .pkg file downloaded from > Downloads > mac OS on MacOS 12.4 [M1/Apple Silicon]. In terminal, the command python3 shows the version as 3.10.5. But echo $PATH is giving me a path leading to /Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/3.10/bin I was expecting

pyinstaller makes an empty black window of my tkinter gui

For a very simple example, consider the following code which produces a window like so: After running pyinstaller –onefile –noconsole (the name of the code file is, I obtain, in the dist folder a bundle file (the app) which, when run, gives me the following: The menu works just normally (that’s the reason for which I included it;

Pillow Not installing on Apple Silicon

I am having a nightmare of a time installing Pillow on my apple silicon. Everytime I attempt to install it, it throws a truly massive error which I have posted below. It says wheel is not installed but it is installed. It also says to refer to the Pillow page which I have done. I also installed homebrew and tried

Install opencv-python module

I’m trying to install the opencv module without success, I think the problem is related to the version of python I’m using. Indeed I upgraded to the 3.9.1 version but when I’m trying to install the …