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Tag: logic

How to extract value from tuple of tuples

I have list of this sort. It is the order list of a person: How do I extract the string and the float value separately? I need to calculate the total order cost based on the given fruit prices: This is what I have tried: This yields wrong answer. What am I doing wrong? How can I fix this? Thanks!

Iterating through records with SQL INSERT activated stops after first set of INSERTS, but using PRINT to test goes through EVERY record (as desired)

Python 3.10.2 with sqlite3 on Windows 10. Relatively new to Python, but I was quite experienced with Perl around 1997-2005. Banged my head against this for three days. Attacked from lots of angles. No success. I’m asking for guidance, because I don’t see myself progressing on my own at this point without help flipping on the light-switch. My overall application