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Tag: boto3

AWS Lambda Python Boto3 – Item count dynamodb table

I am trying to count the total number of items in the Dynamobd table. Boto3 documenation says item_count attribute. (integer) — The number of items in the specified table. DynamoDB updates this value approximately every six hours. Recent changes might not be reflected in this value. I populated about 100 records into that table. output shows 0 reccords Answer As

Copy a large amount of files in s3 on the same bucket

I got a “directory” on a s3 bucket with 80 TB ~ and I need do copy everything to another directory in the same bucket source = s3://mybucket/abc/process/ destiny = s3://mybucket/cde/process/ I already tried to use aws s3 sync, but worked only for the big files, still left 50 TB to copy. I’m thinking about to use a boto3 code

AWS boto3: how to get hourly price of a specific instance id

I’m trying to write a python script using boto3 in order to get hourly prices of an instance, given the instance ID. I should remark that I’m not speaking about costs that you can get from cost explorer, I’m speaking about nominal hourly price, for example for an ‘ec2’ instance. I’ve already found some examples using “boto3.client(‘pricing’,…)” and a bunch

How to check the ssm connection status of all the servers with a specific tag value using python boto3

I wanted to check the ssm connection status of all the servers with a specific tag. I am making use of the boto3 module get_connection_status as follows. However get_connection_status functions accepts only strings and not list. Hence I am getting the below error. How can I get rid of this? {“ExecutionLog”:”Parameter validation failed: Invalid type for parameter Target, value: [‘i-123xxxxxxxxx’],

S3 appending random string in file name

I have a s3 folder with a csv file stored on it. I’m trying to download the last modified file. I’m using this script to get the last modified file: This code lists my last modified object, the file name is part-00000-40f267f2-38dc-4bab-811c-4c3052fdb1ba-c000.csv and is inside the file_r folder. Although, when I use s3_client.download_file i get the following error: When i