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Tag: security

Security & Pyscript

I am coding a Python editor, which can execute python codes and returns the output. My initial idea was to code a backend service for it, that will run the Python script and return the output. However with the release of Pyscript, I am wondering if I can do it in the frontend. One of my biggest concerns is the

Encrypted and secure docker containers

We all know situations when you cannot go open source and freely distribute software – and I am in one of these situations. I have an app that consists of a number of binaries (compiled from C sources) and Python code that wraps it all into a system. This app used to work as a cloud solution so users had

Mark data as sensitive in python

I need to store a user’s password for a short period of time in memory. How can I do so yet not have such information accidentally disclosed in coredumps or tracebacks? Is there a way to mark a value as “sensitive”, so it’s not saved anywhere by a debugger? Answer Edit I have made a solution that uses ctypes (which

Securely Erasing Password in Memory (Python)

How do you store a password entered by the user in memory and erase it securely after it is no longer need? To elaborate, currently we have the following code: After calling the login method, what do we need to do to fill the area of memory that contains password with garbled characters so that someone cannot recover the password