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Tag: pyscript

youtube downloader by pyscript

I’m trying to make a youtube downloader by pyscript but I got this error Answer Web browsers do not allow applications to open TCP sockets. Your application depends on urllib which requires TCP sockets. The package urllib is not supported by any web browser due to the browser’s security sandbox. Your application and its dependencies must be modified to use

Wait until pyscript packages are fully loaded and then modify the DOM

I want to wait until pyscript has fully loaded all packages and after that alter an element on the DOM. I tried using window.addEventListener(‘load’, create_proxy(func)) in pyscript. But to no avail, it does not execute the function. I also tried adding the event listener ‘change’ to the element that is being modified by pyscript. The element is used for inserting

How do I use pyscript in my HTML code and return output

I am trying to call my python function created. But not getting any output and no resource how to achieve. Code : It would be great helpful if some one provide input like … How to pass selected file to my function and python will be executed & return output on screen. Answer When writing Python in the browser, you

Security & Pyscript

I am coding a Python editor, which can execute python codes and returns the output. My initial idea was to code a backend service for it, that will run the Python script and return the output. However with the release of Pyscript, I am wondering if I can do it in the frontend. One of my biggest concerns is the