Python regular expression help needed, multiple lines regex

I was trying to scape a link out of a .eml file but somehow I always get “NONE” as return for my search. But I don’t even get the link with the confirm brackets, no problem in getting that …

Flask static file importing issues

I’m trying to write my first webapp with Flask. I learned that to use css in my site, I have to use a static folder, because my css is never gonna change while the site is running (when it is online). …

Selenium on Python unable to locate nested class element

I’m trying to reach a nested class, originally I used xPath but it returned an empty list, so I went through the classes individually, and one of them has an issue where selenium can’t find it. Up …

BeautifulSoup extract conditioned digit coloured by css

I successfully get the data from this table from THRIVEN : But as you can see, at the Net% column, those values negative/positive are determined by some CSS (which I believed, and I couldn’t find …

Change download location to “Downloads” in Pytube in Python

I want to change the download location to “Downloads” in pytube in Python. Can anyone tell me how to do this? Thanks in advance:)

Django project without models and data base

It is possible to build a project in Django without models ? I have a views, templates(html), css and urls. That site is looking very good in a browser. It is a hairdressing salon website. Greetings

scrapy css selector returning None then finds value

So basically I am adding this portion to my code and I have no clue whats going on. This is the link i am using All in the same Process: -So my css selector returns none. -Then it finds a couple of the html elements returns some of them. -Then finds the last element. So this is causing my program to mix match data and yields it incorrectly to my csv file. If anyone could tell me what the problem is here? Thanks. Code Output Answer I highly recommend you to switch to XPath expressions:

How to make one dropdown close when clicking another dropdown

I have 2 href links in one page and on click the href opens. But when I click the other href (without closing the first one) the first one stays open. How can I solve this? At first I tried to only open and close the dropdown with CSS, but that got really messy because of the two buttons. Now I can open both buttons and close them when I click oudside of the button-area or on the button itself again. But it doesn’t close when clicking the other button. I imagine this isn’t a hard thing to solve but

Unable to locate text from web page using Selenium

I am trying to scrape amazon reviews for a certain product, but I am unable to locate the text for the ratings using selenium. But the same thing is easily scraped using soup. Link to page: https://…

How to scrap dataframe after select options from dropdown list?

I want to scrap dataframe from dropdow value with BeautifulSoup. I select the value in both dropdown I submit my selection I get a data table I would like to catch this dataframe with BS. any idea of the process to achieve this? example site: thanks Answer You can issue simple POST requests with custom parameters (the parameters you will see in Firefox/Chrome network tab when click Submit button). Then you can use pandas.read_html() function to get your DataFrame. For example: Prints: EDIT: To select only binance, bitfinex and bittrex, you can set data like this: This will print: