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Tag: database

Create a DataFrame from list in lists (Pandas)

I´m having trouble creating a dataframe on my list. The list contains four columns, but instead it says on presente one column with data: The list itself is presented in this way: I know there is something happening due to the double [], but i can´t figure it out. Can´t someone help me? Here is the code so far: Answer

Pydantic created at and updated at fields

I’m new to using Pydantic and I’m using it to set up the models for FastAPI to integrate with my postgres database. I want to make a model that has an updated_at and created_at field which store the last datetime the model was updated and the datetime the model was created. I figured created_at could be something like this: How

User-created Record Fields

I am creating a web-app w/ Flask + Flask-WTF that has CRM-like features as a project. My current database (MongoDB) structure is I have: Users who can login, People who are assigned to users, and Records who are assigned to people. People have various fields to be filled out (Name, Phone Number, Email, etc). I want Users to be able

No module named ‘fusioncharts’

I am trying to plot fusion chart in django after adding fusioncharts,I am getting an error. Answer Normally when you get such an error it is because you forgot to install the module, did a bit of research and came to the conclusion that you can install using pip: open the command prompt use the command pip install twFusionCharts.If this