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Tag: debugging

scipy.signal.find_peaks return empty properties

I tried to obtain properties from scipy.signal.find_peaks, but it returns an empty dictionary {}. Can anyone help to fix it? Answer The problem is that you are passing None to prominence. None is already the default value, and is used to signal that no value for the argument was given. Pass a numeric value as below: Output

Strange bugs in Python program: `str() cannot be interpreted as integer

I’m converting many of my R programs to Python (a language I don’t use on a day-to-day basis). Here my program, which simulates a simple card game: Appearently the bug is in the fill_envelopes line. Here’s the error returned by the interpreter: It seems that the interpreter is trying to treat a string object as an integer. This was found

How to debug backwards in PyCharm?

We all know F9 goes forward in debug mode. But how can we go backward after going a couple steps forward with F9 or is that even possible? Answer how can we go backward after going a couple steps forward with F9 or is that possible? It isn’t possible, you can’t “go back” during debugging. (That is the case in

Sudoku backtracking solver bug

Ok, I’ve been scratching my head over this for a few hours now.. My goal was to code a sudoku solver that uses the backtracking method and to show the progress of the algorithm using pygame. For this I have to keep track of the events, I did it by appending them to a list named registre as is shown

Prevent Kivy leaving debug messages

I have a simple a Kivy interface that also uses the terminal. Example code: The problem is that whenever I start the script I get this: I have found that this is Kivy’s automatic debugging messages. How do I prevent them (or at least hide so that I can use the terminal)? Answer As shown in the docs, you should

How can I set up launch.json in Visual Code to debbug C

I’m newbie about Visual Code. I’d like to use Debbuging function with Visual Code. But There is a probelm to do it. It may happen by wrong launch.json setting(In my opnion) I’m using mac os newest version. I refered to some pages to do it myself. However I saw same error. It said “launch: program ‘${/Users/bpk/Documents/Study/C/Study}/study’ does