Django ModelForm has no model class specified, Although model in Meta class is set to a model

Error is “ModelForm has no model class specified.” code code code The error is occurs when I’m trying to create a new user form (user_form = UserForm()). Although in my meta class I set models to the User model imported from django.contrib.auth.models. Error Info Picture Answer I think your spellings in your forms are wrong could you try to correct :Changes Meta() to Meta: then models to model

Django user registration form not showing properly

I am making a Django project where there are two types of users customer and restaurant. Both can register separately. Everything is running fine except that I cannot add CSS class to password field and there are warning showing around password field which I don’t how they are coming. soryy for bad code pasting.Just for clarification class ‘CustomerSignupform’ is parent class. Register User View So I have got similar problem for restaurant registration. Thank You Answer Could you try this. I think somehow it will help you.