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Tag: django-admin

Django is_active field is not changing

I’m using django 4.0 when i change the is_active to False from django admin, it doesn’t make any changes to the object, I have override the save method in models. Can anyone advise ? The problem started when i added the save() in Answer The .save() method should always call the super method, regardless whether pk is

How to register inherited sub class in file in django?

Project Name : fusion App Name : admin_lte Python 3.7 Django 2 MySql Question is “I want to register sub model in django admin-panel”,when i write code for model registration in file that time occurred below error. django.core.exceptions.ImproperlyConfigured: The model Device is abstract, so it cannot be registered with admin. NOTE : I used multiple separated model file.

How to get request params in Django admin custom column?

I need to keep information about filtering and searching in Django admin change page. So when user filters by “?away_team__id__exact=267821”, I need to append this query to change page url. Let’s say we filtered objects by query above. This is the url of change list: I want to make change column which redirects user to change page of the current