Django admin panel has no styling

When I started my project and went to the admin panel the admin panel had no styling There is no styling as usual. What should I do to fix it. Thank you

Catch IntegrityError in Django Admin

Working with Django 1.4 I would like to catch an Integrity Error when a user does enter a duplicate value. At this moment the application just shows the default Django error page. (debug = True) …

Django admin is_staff based on group

Is it possible to have is_staff selected by choosing a group? Let’s say there are two groups: users, admins When a new user is in the users group he is not staff, but if he is in the admins group he …

How to limit choices of ForeignKey choices for Django raw_id_field

How do you limit what choices are shown for ForeignKey fields in Django’s admin when they’re displayed using the raw_id_fields option? When rendered as a select box, it’s simple to define a custom …

Paginator for inline models in django admin

I have this simple django model consisting of an sensor and values for the specific sensor. The number of values per Pyranometer is high (>30k). Is it somehow possible to paginate PyranometerValues by a specific day or generell apply a paginator to the admin inline view? Answer Have you checked raw_id_fields attribute? I think you might find it useful.