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Tag: wagtail

Django/Wagtail Snippet Serializer in API

I have added wagtail CMS’s blog author in my ‘’ also exposed it in API, but it’s showing like this in API Here’s the code How do I serialize like this show author name, website, image and id? I tried to Serialize the BlogAuthor And here is the API field APIField(“blog_authors”, serializer=AuthorSerializer(many=True)), When I runserver I got this error

Edit Form Submit handler for a Model

I have a fairly simple django model in a Wagtail CMS; essentially: I need to perform an action when this model is saved via the Wagtail model edit form (eg /admin/section/thingy/123/edit). Currently, I have registered a post_save signal, however this has resulted in the method being called when the model is saved programmatically (via an import sync task). I’ve had

How to break lines when using wagtail BlockQuoteBlock?

I have this model: When I’m saving page with some text using blockquote I use some line breakes and even <br> tags: But on the page there are no line breaks after it: So how to make this work and save line breaks? I’m using wagtail 1.13.1. Answer I think it was done because of security reasons. But It is