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Tag: templates

Django: issue with template path for tenant

I have an app where depending on its category, a tenant is either directed to the app (and templates) at /dashboard/templates/dashboard or /dashboard2/templates/dashboard2. somehow, for dashboard2, the app is not found by Django and it tries to find those templates under dashboard. here is a dashboard2/ and the error: and the traceback: when try specifying /dashboard2/Supplier2.html I still get the

get mongodb “_id” in django template

My question is related to this question. I am trying to display all the _id of mongo database in django template from last 2 days but unable to get it. This is the error: This is the code I am trying: product.html Though, I tried changing the name to static, cache etc, but still no luck. Answer template tag

How to change django wagtail’s admin logo

I am working on a small project and I thought I’d give wagtail a try. I am now wondering how I could change wagtail’s admin logo in the sidebar (top left image on the picture bellow). I could change /static/wagtailadmin/images/wagtail-logo.svg directly but it’d be wrong ;). Answer Wagtail already provide the solution in the official documentation using django-overextends: To replace

Django – referencing static files in templates

I’m having difficulty referencing static files in my templates. I am using Twitter Bootstrap and have the bootstrap files (css, img, js) sitting at mysite/static. I have set the STATIC_URL, STATIC_ROOT and TEMPLATE_CONTEXT_PROCESSORS according to this tutorial. I have run ./ collectstatic which copied 72 files over. I have also added the below template tag to my template (index.html) file

Django – Template display model verbose_names & objects

I need to display several models name & objects in a template Here is my view And my template Of course objs._meta.verbose_name doesn’t work Is there a way to access to this verbose name without having to create a function for each model or to assign the value from the view for each model ? Answer For accessing it in