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How to change django wagtail’s admin logo

I am working on a small project and I thought I’d give wagtail a try. I am now wondering how I could change wagtail’s admin logo in the sidebar (top left image on the picture bellow).

github wagtail image

I could change /static/wagtailadmin/images/wagtail-logo.svg directly but it’d be wrong ;).



Wagtail already provide the solution in the official documentation using django-overextends:

To replace the default logo, create a template file your_app/templates/wagtailadmin/base.html that overrides the block branding_logo as follow:

{% overextends "wagtailadmin/base.html" %}

{% block branding_logo %}
    <img src="{{ STATIC_URL }}images/custom-logo.svg" alt="Custom Project" width="80" />
{% endblock %}

Check Wagtail Custom branding for more details.

(Edit Dec – 2020)

Note: In the latests versions of Wagtail django-overextends is not needed anymore. It uses now the default extends tag of Django templates. Consult the docs for more information

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