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Python client socket can’t receive data from a successful response

Socket can’t receive any data from the server, when there is a successful response, but with bad requests it can. Also server responds, just the socket can’t receive data (checked in WireShark) Answer First, the HTTP GET expects a sequence of CR LF characters after each header line not just a single ‘n’ character and an extra CR LF after

No Django POST data when sent over a form?

I am on a development server (no CSRF protection), sending over login data to Django via a web form (Django: HTML: Django: I’m pretty sure that the POST data is not being transmitted (TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for +: ‘NoneType’ and ‘str’) in the print statement, but I can’t figure out why. (The HTML is on localhost and the

What is the best practice to convert HTTP timestamps to standard format during dataframing using pandas in python?

I’m trying to convert HTTP timestamps into standard timestamp for complete data framing and getting time-series plots. I’m looking for an efficient way to do this for the large dataset. My actual data frame is as follows: I have tried couple of the following methods and get errors: This returns me NaT which is strange! I updated the format and

Sniffing received HTTP post packets with python

I am trying to manage some HTTP Post requests being received on my computer. The post requests are from an apache server (website) which is being hosted on the same computer. How can I manage them using python, preferably without using any 3rd party modules? Answer If it is very lightweight and does not require many things, you can use