How to find element by part of its id name in selenium with python

I’m using selenium with python,now I want to locate an element by part of its id name,what can I do? For example,now I’ve already located a item by id name coption5 : Is there anyway I can locate this element only by using coption? Answer To find the element which you have located with: To locate this element only by using coption you can use can use either of the following Locator Strategies: Using XPATH and starts-with(): Using XPATH and contains(): Using CSS_SELECTOR and ^ (wildcard of starts-with): Using CSS_SELECTOR and * (wildcard of contains): Reference You can find a

Two identical AutomationID using xpath python with appium

In in our mobile app, there are two boxes with the same AutomationId. For automated testing i need to find the first of the two elements by xpath. I tried following code, bt it didn’t work: Thanks! Answer You can handle the following way Description : First, get the all identical elements through “find_elements” this will give you as an array of elements then you can perform the actions accordingly

How to send text to the Email field within registration page?

I made proton mail maker script that can go to google sign in and put verification code to proton mail code section.. when I run that, it’s working correctly but it’s not typing google account for signing but he is not typing in the email section I had an error in google account email section here is my error: python code Answer You have to switch to the new window before interacting with the elements on the new window. Use the below line of code to switch to the latest window. Once you are done with the actions on the

How to click the call drop down using selenium webdriver python?

I am not able to click the call dropdown using xpath or css selector and scrap the phone numbers.Is there any way to do so? Answer To click on the element with text as Call associated with the dropdown you have to induce WebDriverWait for the element to be clickable and you can use either of the following solutions: Using CSS_SELECTOR: Using XPATH: Note : You have to add the following imports : Browser Snapshot: