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Tag: getattribute

Getting text from a object with Selenium

I’m trying to get the text inside of <pre> tag and I have tried with get_attribute(‘text’), get_attribute(‘value’), .text(), .value(), get_attribute(“innerHTML”) but I keep failing: Snapshot: This is the code that i’m using: And this is what it says when print: Answer To print the text within the <pre> tag you can use either of the following locator strategies: Using css_selector

How can I print more links from the HTML DOM using Python Selenium?

Html: Python selenium code trials: Output: How print ooooo.pdf and aaaaa.pdf? I want to print more links, what should I do? Answer element_to_be_clickable() returns a single WebElement hence href attribute of only the first matching element is printed. Solution To extract all the href attribute values you have to induce WebDriverWait for visibility_of_all_elements_located() and you can use either of the