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Tag: percentage

Catch fish by percentage – pygame

I want to create a fishing game. Whenever the player press a button, the game will return a fish. Every fish has a percentage ( small fish , 45% ; medium fish, 25% ; big, 15%; huge, 4.9%; shark,0.1). fish_size = [(“small”,45),(“medium”,25),(“big”,15),(“huge”,4.9),(“shark”,0.1)] How can I get a fish randomly from this list by percentage? Answer If you have a list

How to plot percentage of NaN in pandas data frame?

I’d like someone to help me plot the NaN percentage of pandas data frame. I calculated percentage using this code. It gave me this result. Now, I want to plot the percentage along with the column names of data frame. Can anyone help me? Regards. Updated: The graph looks like this. How to beautify this in order to see the