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Tag: nan

pd Fill NAN with increasing incremental Value python

Hi I am trying to do an incremental increase on the data I have for NaN values for example: Day Reding 1 NaN 2 2.5 3 NaN 4 NaN 5 NaN 6 3.9 7 NaN 8 3.4 To this: Day Reading 1 2.5 2 2.5 3 2.85 4 3.2 5 3.55 6 3.9 7 3.65 8 3.4 Answer As Pranav

Why is hash of nan zero?

I would have thought would lead to frequent hash collisions. Why are they both hashed to zero? Answer This behaviour has changed in Python 3.10: Hashes of NaN values of both float type and decimal.Decimal type now depend on object identity. Formerly, they always hashed to 0 even though NaN values are not equal to one another. This caused potentially

Control how NAs are displayed with pandas styler

I am trying to use the na_rep argument of to control how cells with NaN are shown in the table. Documentation: Reproducible code: I get this error message. TypeError: format() got an unexpected keyword argument ‘na_rep’ Do you know a work around? Tks! Answer I ended up using a grey color for the text and the background of