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Tag: slice

Slice pandas row of a specific column using numpy boolean

The objective is to slice multiple pandas row of a specific column using a Numpy boolean. The following code should do the task However, I wonder whether the above code can be shortened further, especially these lines Currently, Pandas throw an error if I am to directly using Numpy boolean without converting to list Is there something I miss, or

Is it possible to unpack values from list to slice?

I’m trying to use values in list to select part of word. Here is working solution: but I wonder if is it possible to shorten it? Something like this comes to my mind: It produces: AdvertisementAnswer You can use the built-in slice (and need to name your list differently to be able to access the […]

Skip every nth index of numpy array

In order to do K-fold validation I would like to use slice a numpy array such that a view of the original array is made but with every nth element removed. For example: If n = 4 then the result would be Note: the numpy requirement is due to this being used for a machine learning assignment where the dependencies