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Tag: django-queryset

How to sum with condition in a Django queryset

I am trying to sum Django query with a condition. Suppose I have got some data like this: And these types are string and they have values, like x = 1, y = 25, z = -3 How can I sum up all the values without a loop? Currently using a loop. Answer To perform the calculation inside the database

django FieldError: Cannot resolve keyword ‘category_name_contains’ into field. Choices are: category, description, id, image, name, order, price

I want to build a food delivering app, but facing this error. “FieldError: Cannot resolve keyword ‘category_name_contains’ into field. Choices are: catego ry, description, id, image, name, order, price”. This is the This is the This is my Here’s the traceback: So this my problem I have tried many solutions still not getting the problem here. As

Flitering django queryset based on ManyToManyField

In my Request model, there is a field requested_to which is a ManyToManyField I want to filter queryset of Request model where a organization_user is not in requested_to Answer You can filter with: Django makes LEFT OUTER JOINs when you filter on a ManyToManyField (or a reverse ForeignKey), so here we exclude all Requests where organization_user is a member of

Django merge QuerySet while keeping the order

i’m trying to join together 2 QuerySets. Right now, I’m using the | operator, but doing it this way won’t function as an “append”. My current code is: I need the elements from querysetA to be before querysetB. Is it even possible to accomplish while keeping them just queries? Answer This can be solved by using annotate to add a