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Get variables from function input and text after

So id like to make varibles from my function input So basically, the if statement should check if the varible is True or not. And i want to use the function input + ”-outcome” to check. Here is an example, to make you understand my problem better! I’ve tried to find a solution but don’t find it anywhere Thanks! Answer

Solve a linear system of equations with bounds using LSQR/LSMR SciPy

Question is quite straight forward. I have an overdetermined system I am attempting to use SciPy LSQR (or LSMR) to solve. However, I cannot find anywhere in the docs on how to set restraints for the minimization. E.G. Let’s say this is the output: We can see the solution arrive to -0.1, which is great. However, I’d like to set

Using cophenetic distance to choose best linkage method?

I have the dataset that generates the following code. The case is that I would like to make a dendrogram (bottom-up) in Python and I must select a linkage criterion. If you consult the documentation of the function you can see the existing methods. Any suggestions on how I can move forward? Is there a foolproof way to determine