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Tag: pycord

Bot unable to assign roles despite having the correct privileges

While developing a custom verification bot for one of my Discord servers I encountered a seemingly unfixable permission error. I am using the pycord rewrite fork (Pycord v2.3) and the exception I am encountering is: The issue is that even though I have invited my bot to my Discord server with administrative permissions it cannot edit/assign roles for applicable server

Discord Bot Keeps Thinking After Responding Already

I’m using py-cord and my Discord bot is thinking even after it has already sent a response. I’m deferring since the .response function takes so long that the bot will exit out from the command if I don’t. Is there any fix to it? Answer ctx.respond will respond to it: it will be viewable by anyone. Idk if i helped

Add reactions to embeds py-cord

Im making a discord bot and i decided to change from prefixed commands to slash command using pycord and my poll command it won’t add the reaction it will just send the embed without the reactions Here is my code: Before i decided to change to slash commands it worked perfectly fine I don’t know what is the problem and – BanIterator object is not iterable

I’m trying to make an unban command but I have no way of getting the banned users list. This is the code: Error code: I tried even copying the code from this man ( but it doesn’t work. This is the code: Error code: This is all the bot code: Answer as in Documentation , you need to do it

Triggering method from within a loop with Python and Pycord

I’m playing around with Pycord and trying to send a message to a channel X for each element in an array. The following class will throw a TypeError: MyClient.on_ready() missing 1 required positional argument: ‘message’ indicating that MyClient.on_ready() needs 2 arguments, one for self, one for message, but every example on how to pass arguments to class methods were only