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Python Telegram Bot – Calling variable in URL?

am having difficulty calling a variable as part of the url in a message I intend to send via the Python Telegram bot. Due to the nature of my code, the ‘webpage’ variable varies and the url has to be called as a variable. Placing the `url’ variable in curly brackets did not work and some searching online has been

Reply to a Python Telegram bot message

Please tell me how you can call the bot’s response to any message in the feedback bot. By example: User: /start Bot: Welcome message (Hello) User: any message Bot: Feedback message (Expect an answer) I tried to do it through the echo function, but most likely I made a mistake somewhere. I am attaching the code: I bot ignoring

I have a bot that every 1 to 12 hours sends a random message into a specific channel (the channel that the command !random is used in). A certain handful of these message are yes/no questions, and I want to make it that the bot will respond if somebody says yes/no. The code works, the issue is I want the

Clear reactions in setting time []

I want clear or disable reactions in setting time using I making poll command and wanna delete or disable(I dont know can I or not) reactions in setting time I have code like this I have my time time_plus and wanna do something when time invoke Answer You can use reaction.clear or reaction.remove to remove reaction from your message.