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Python Telegram Bot – Calling variable in URL?

am having difficulty calling a variable as part of the url in a message I intend to send via the Python Telegram bot. Due to the nature of my code, the ‘webpage’ variable varies and the url has to be called as a variable. Placing the `url’ variable in curly brackets did not work and some searching online has been

Reply to a Python Telegram bot message

Please tell me how you can call the bot’s response to any message in the feedback bot. By example: User: /start Bot: Welcome message (Hello) User: any message Bot: Feedback message (Expect an answer) I tried to do it through the echo function, but most likely I made a mistake somewhere. I am attaching the code: I

Telegram checking and adding to contacts?

I need your help. I had 40k of mobile numbers and i need to do few things: Check if this numbers have tg account Add this account to contact list. Can anybody helps me, how i can do it. Or with examples of codes. Thanks Answer if you are using pyrogram, To check if the entity has a telegram account

how to delete contact by number telethon

Imports: Code: That code first add an phone_number to our contacts list and after we can easily get their username. After we delete that contact as we just needed their username. But some users don’t have set username so we get username as None. Now how to remove that contact ? Currently I use client(functions.contacts.DeleteContactsRequest(id=[username])), which will fail if username