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Nextcord Fight Command Organization and Suggestions

I created an extremely basic fight command in Nextcord. The command is like so: Each character and weapon is assigned their own strength, speed, and defense stats. And the stats are all added up to find their final stat. Then it does the same for the enemy and it calculates the outcome. What I would like to do is make

Clear reactions in setting time []

I want clear or disable reactions in setting time using I making poll command and wanna delete or disable(I dont know can I or not) reactions in setting time I have code like this I have my time time_plus and wanna do something when time invoke Answer You can use reaction.clear or reaction.remove to remove reaction from your message.

Why I can’t send messages in a @tasks.loop in

I have a problem: I can’t send message in a @tasks.loop() function. When I try to get the channel object with self.client.get_channel(channlid), it return me a Nonetype variable. My code : my error: Can you help me ? Answer Problem You’re calling client.get_channel before the client is ready. So, the client cannot find the channel you’re looking for, and channel

Nextcord Slash Commands

I’ve heard that nextcord has now slash commands! That’s great, and this is why I want to add them in my bot. I’ve already watched YouTube tutorials, but, for some reason, it doesn’t work. This is my file EDIT: Idk if it changes something but I use Answer I tried your code and it works for me. Maybe