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Tag: python-multiprocessing

Atomic Code in gunicorn multiprocessing / only run code in worker 1?

I am new to gunicorn multiprocessing (by calling gunicorn –worker=X). I am using it with Flask to provide the WSGI implementation for our productive frontend. To use multiprocessing, we pass the above mentioned parameter to unicorn. Our Flask application also uses APScheduler (via Flask-APScheduler) to run a cron task every Y hours. This task searches for new database entries to

multiprocessing subprocess log to separate file

My main program logs to its own log file and the sub-process should have its own log file. I replaced the logger object inside the multiprocessing process, but the logging data from the sub-process is additionally redirected to the main log file. How can I prevent this? The structure looks like this: Answer I am simply translating this answer to

Python: will a thread ever unblock while hanging on a `Queue.get(block=True)` call if the queue is suddenly destroyed from another thread/process?

TLDR: Would a blocking get be unblocked by a queue that would be terminated in some way? Long question: Okay, so I know that the thread will hang if the queue (multiprocessing.Queue) remains empty forever while trying to fetch something from it with a blocking get. But suppose now that in another thread or process, I close the queue with

Pickle/unpickle only once per worker

I am using python multiprocessing module to spread say 10000 steps of a given task on 4 workers using a Pool. The task that is sent on the workers is a method of a complex object. If I understand right the documentation, pickle is used to dump and load the object at each step which means 10000 pickling/unpickling calls. My

python multiprocessing.Array typing

When creating an array, I want to put it inside a dataclass, but I cannot find the type of the returned object. arr = multiprocessing.RawArray(“i”, 2) If I do: but multiprocessing.sharedctypes.c_long_Array_2 does not exists. How can I use type hints, e.g arr: the_type with multiprocessing Array? UPDATE Pycharm example when using typing ctypes.c_long * 2, there’s still a value attribute