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How to set the state of a past TaskInstance to success and continue the pipeline inside a airflow DAG?

I’m trying to make a DAG with params that can be triggered with a dag_id/task_id. The goal of this DAG is to set the state of the last executed task to “success” and to continue the pipeline from this point.

exemple of pipeline:

DAG pipeline exemple

In my dag I want to be able to set “run_that” to success and automatically run “run_them” as a result of the new state change.

Here is what I did from now:

import airflow
from airflow.models import DagRun, TaskInstance, DagBag

from airflow.operators.dagrun_operator import TriggerDagRunOperator
from airflow.utils.trigger_rule import TriggerRule
from airflow.utils.state import State

from airflow.operators.python_operator import PythonOperator

import pendulum

from wrapper import ScriptLauncher, handleErrorSlack, handleErrorMail

from datetime import timedelta, datetime

default_args = {
  'owner': 'tozzi',
  'depends_on_past': False,
  'start_date': pendulum.datetime(2022, 12, 19, tz='Europe/Paris'),
  'retries': 0,
  'retry_delay': timedelta(minutes=5),
  'xcom_push': True,
  'catchup': False,
  'params': {
    'dag_id': 'my_dag',
    'task_id': 'run_that',

def last_exec(dag_id, task_id, session):
    task_instances = (
        .filter(TaskInstance.dag_id == dag_id, TaskInstance.task_id == task_id)
    task_instances.sort(key=lambda x: x.execution_date, reverse=True)
    if task_instances:
        return task_instances[0]
    return None

def set_last_task_success(**kwargs):
    dag_id = kwargs['dag_id']
    task_id = kwargs['task_id']

    session = airflow.settings.Session()
    task_instance = last_exec(dag_id, task_id, session)
    if (task_instance is not None):
      task_instance.state = 'success'
      # task_instance = TaskInstance(task_id=task_id, execution_date=last_task_instance.execution_date), ignore_ti_state=True, ignore_task_deps=True)

doc_md=f"""## Set the given task_id to success of the given dag_id"""

# launched remotely
launcher = ScriptLauncher(default_args, "@once", 'set_task_to_success', ['airflow'], doc_md)

dag = launcher.dag;

set_to_success = PythonOperator(
        'dag_id': '{{ params.dag_id }}',
        'task_id': '{{ params.task_id }}',

The call fail here with this error : “AttributeError: ‘TaskInstance’ object has no attribute ‘task'”, the state change is correctly working tho. What should I change so it rerun the “run_them” task when I change the state of the “run_that” task?



As of Airflow 2.5.0 you can update the state of any existing task via the Airflow REST API.

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