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Tag: startswith

Python – Use multiple str.startswith() in a for loop get their specific values

The below function parses multiple csv files in a directory and takes out values using str.startwith(). It works find using ‘firstline.startswith(‘TrakPro’)’ and ‘txt.startswith(‘Serial’)’. However, when I add a third str.startwith() i.e. txt2.startswith(‘Test’), nothing prints out, no error, appears to ignore it. What do I need to change? Basically I want to add multiple str.startwith() in the for loop pulling out

Str.format with a list to create filter

Somewhat simple question with many similar ones out there, but I cannot seem to find what I am looking for. I am trying to filter a list of images in a dbc.Carousel via an int list of location numbers. Any image title that starts with a given number will correlate to a location. So, initially, I would want all images