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Tag: sqlite

sqlite3.DatabaseError: malformed database schema (?)

I executed the python file in the first try & it worked. But when I included the code “IF NOT EXISTS” in the line cur.execute(“CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS store (item TEXT, quantity INTEGER, price REAL)”)& cur.execute(“INSERT INTO store VALUES (‘Wine Glass,8,10.5’)”) I am getting an error. here is my code: here is the error: Answer You have an error

sqlite3.OperationalError:: syntax error when trying to UPDATE

I have been trying to update some values in a sqlite3 table but I am having loads of problems with the `sqlite3.OperationalError: near “GROUP”: syntax error. I have been following the documentation but I am not been very successful to correct the error. What I am trying to do is to find the all_numbers with a value =0 and updated

passing table name to pipeline scrapy python

I have different spiders that scrape similar values and I want to store the scraped values in different slite3 tables. I can do this by using a different pipeline for each spider but, since the only thing that changes is the table name, would it be possible to pass somehow the table name from the spider to the pipeline? This

How to loop thorough rows of each column in a table?

I am trying to write a small program to transform a database. It is an SQLite database, and I am using Python. I am experiencing a problem where the query I’m writing doesn’t seem to work properly: For some reason, what’s printed here is just a list on the column name repeated a number of times. If I replace the