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Tag: sqlite

Change text_factory in Django/sqlite

I have a django project that uses a sqlite database that can be written to by an external tool. The text is supposed to be UTF-8, but in some cases there will be errors in the encoding. The text is from an external source, so I cannot control the encoding. Yes, I know that I could write a “wrapping layer”

Python dicts in sqlalchemy

I would like to load/save a dict to/from my sqlite DB, but am having some problems figuring out a simple way to do it. I don’t really need to be able to filter, etc., based on the contents so a simple conversion to/from string is fine. The next-best thing would be foreign keys. Please don’t post links to huge examples,

can’t see records inserted by django test case

I’m trying to provide integration to my django application from subversion through the post commit hook. I have a django test case (a subclass of unittest.TestCase) that (a) inserts a couple of records into a table, (b) spawns an svn commit, (c) svn commit runs a hook that uses my django model to look up info. I’m using an sqlite3