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Tag: python

Solve a linear system of equations with bounds using LSQR/LSMR SciPy

Question is quite straight forward. I have an overdetermined system I am attempting to use SciPy LSQR (or LSMR) to solve. However, I cannot find anywhere in the docs on how to set restraints for the minimization. E.G. Let’s say this is the output: We can see the solution arrive to -0.1, which is great. However, I’d like to set

Using cophenetic distance to choose best linkage method?

I have the dataset that generates the following code. The case is that I would like to make a dendrogram (bottom-up) in Python and I must select a linkage criterion. If you consult the documentation of the function you can see the existing methods. Any suggestions on how I can move forward? Is there a foolproof way to determine