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Tag: pygame-surface

Move Character with Vector

I am teaching myself pygame and am looking at making my character able to rotate and then move in the direction they are facing. I can do the rotation but cannot get the character to move in the direction the image is then facing. The code is on Trinket HERE Answer Rotate the player around its center (see How do

Pygame sprite not moving while jumping [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: How to make a character jump in Pygame? (1 answer) Closed last year. I’m confused why my sprite is not moving while jumping. I’ve checked several times and changed my code over and over with no luck. My code is below and contains 3 pages, first contain the main loop, second contain the

SVG rendering in a PyGame application. Prior to Pygame 2.0, Pygame did not support SVG. Then how did you load it?

In a pyGame application, I would like to render resolution-free GUI widgets described in SVG. How can I achieve this? (I like the OCEMP GUI toolkit but it seems to be bitmap dependent for its rendering) Answer This is a complete example which combines hints by other people here. It should render a file called test.svg from the current directory.