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how to use word_tokenize in data frame

I have recently started using the nltk module for text analysis. I am stuck at a point. I want to use word_tokenize on a dataframe, so as to obtain all the words used in a particular row of the dataframe. Basically, i want to separate all the words and find the length of each text in the dataframe. I know

Fetch connected nodes in a NetworkX graph

Straightforward question: I would like to retrieve all the nodes connected to a given node within a NetworkX graph in order to create a subgraph. In the example shown below, I just want to extract all …

Pygame Line of Sight from Fixed Position

I am currently working on a 2D game in which the player has to sneak up on a still person within a certain amount of time. There are various crates in the way (depending on which level it is), and I would like to make it so that the player can hide behind crates to sneak up on the still

nan in interp1d scipy

I have the following code that I am working on in python with interp1d and it seems that the output of the interp1d times the query points outputs the beginning values of array as NaN. Why? …

asyncio: Wait for event from other thread

I’m designing an application in Python which should access a machine to perform some (lengthy) tasks. The asyncio module seems to be a good choice for everything that is network-related, but now I need to access the serial port for one specific component. I’ve implemented kind of an abstraction layer for the actual serial port stuff, but can’t figure out