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Most recent previous business day in Python

I need to subtract business days from the current date. I currently have some code which needs always to be running on the most recent business day. So that may be today if we’re Monday thru Friday, …

Split a string at newline characters

I have a string, say a = “Show details1nShow details2nShow details3nShow details4nShow details5n” How do we split the above with the delimiter n (a newline)? The result should be …

real time subprocess.Popen via stdout and PIPE

I am trying to grab stdout from a subprocess.Popen call and although I am achieving this easily by doing: I would like to grab stdout in “real time”. With the above method, PIPE is waiting to grab all the stdout and then it returns. So for logging purposes, this doesn’t meet my requirements (e.g. “see” what is going on while

How to read specific lines from a file (by line number)?

I’m using a for loop to read a file, but I only want to read specific lines, say line #26 and #30. Is there any built-in feature to achieve this? Answer If the file to read is big, and you don’t want to read the whole file in memory at once: Note that i == n-1 for the nth line.