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Tag: time-series

Time Series Plot Seaborn with MultiIndex

I have the following dataset: The dataset spans three months and counts the occurrence of five codes per day. In order to plot the data I have just used the following code: I am wondering though, how this can be done using seaborn and a lineplot ? AdvertisementAnswer Is this what you are looking for?

auto.arima() equivalent for python

I am trying to predict weekly sales using ARMA ARIMA models. I could not find a function for tuning the order(p,d,q) in statsmodels. Currently R has a function forecast::auto.arima() which will tune the (p,d,q) parameters. How do I go about choosing the right order for my model? Are there any libraries available in python for this purpose? Answer You can

Compute daily climatology using pandas python

I am trying to use pandas to compute daily climatology. My code is: cum_data is the data frame containing daily dates from 1st Jan 1950 to 31st Dec 1953. I want to create a new vector of length 365 with the first element containing the average of rand_data for January 1st for 1950, 1951, 1952 and 1953. And so on