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Tag: signal-processing

Unable to distinguish four cosines from a FFT

I have four cosines with frequencies 400e-3, 500e-3, 600e-3 and 700e-3 and I am trying to do the FFT of them but under the time I need, I cannot distinguish the four. Is there a way to distinguish the peaks without changing the tmax time of 1.76 and the frequencies? Here are the results: Answer The solution was to increase

Problem with plotting peaks using find_peaks from SciPy to detect drastic up/down turns or global outliers

Let’s say I have following dataframe contains value over time or date: I inspired from this answer to detect peaks and valleys via below code: This is the output: The problems: I can’t figure out how I can configure find_peaks() documentation to reach meaningful/drastic peaks & valley with respect to threshold as global outliers. I also checked this post but