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Tag: logging

Structure Android LogCat Text File to Structured Pandas DF

I want to convert lines of LogCat Text Files to structured Pandas DF. I cannot seem to properly conceptualize how I am going to do this…Here’s my basic pseudo-code: The problem is: I do not know how to properly define the delimiter with this structure 08-01 14:28:35.947 1320 1320 D wpa_xxxx: wlan1: skip–ssid Answer This will read each line of

Python try/finally wtih sys.exc_info()

I’m trying to write a python job that which I will be using in all the other jobs to capture the job start time and when a program finishes successfully or with some issues, I capture the error details and load the details into a table. Program I’m using the job I’m trying to capture the error details, whenever a

Unknown python DEBUG statements appear

I recently imported some new python modules: Some unexpected output now appears on my terminal: Does anyone recognize what library / function might be generating these messages? If so how can they be suppressed if they are unimportant? Additional information Here’s the code that was added but, I don’t think it’s causing the DEBUG lines: The program output is excpeted

How to create a specific logger for my message?

I have spent far too much time on this and I couldn’t figure out by myself. I am writing some code that use some modules, so I want to create a specific logger for my message, not those from the other modules (they are far too many so I don’t want to set a different level for each of them).