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Tag: logging

Python Multiprocessing Logging via QueueHandler

I have a Python multiprocessing application to which I would like to add some logging functionality. The Python logging cookbook recommends using a Queue. Every process will put log records into it via the QueueHandler and a Listener Process will handle the records via a predefined Handler. Here is the example provided by the Python logging cookbook: My question: The

Python logging into file as a dictionary or JSON

I am trying to set up logging where I can log in both stdout and on to a file. This i have accomplished using the following code: The output of this something like this: What I am trying to accomplish is logging this output to a file not as it is printing to stdout, but […]

TensorFlow FileWriter not writing to file

I am training a simple TensorFlow model. The training aspect works fine, but no logs are being written to /tmp/tensorflow_logs and I’m not sure why. Could anyone provide some insight? Thank you AdvertisementAnswer A combination of changing the file path from /temp/… to temp/… and adding summary_writer.flush() and summary_writer.close() made the logs be written successfully.