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How to create a specific logger for my message?

I have spent far too much time on this and I couldn’t figure out by myself.

I am writing some code that use some modules, so I want to create a specific logger for my message, not those from the other modules (they are far too many so I don’t want to set a different level for each of them).

I have simplified my use case to:

import logging                                              
logger = logging.getLogger('test')                          
logger.debug('This is a debug message')            'This is an info message')                      
logger.warning('This is a warning message')                 
logger.error('This is an error message')                    
logger.critical('This is a critical message')               

When I execute the previous code, I would expect to have my info message logged.

Instead I got:

{'test': <Logger test (INFO)>}
This is a warning message
This is an error message
This is a critical message

Same with DEBUG, it always print warning/error/critical messages, not the debug/info.

If I raise the logging level (let’s say ERROR), it works as expected.

python --version
Python 3.9.1



Change the configuration at the package level / root logger (documentation).