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Tag: console

How to print a standard circle in the console window?

I am trying to print an arbitrary math function through a callback function, the execute() function will iterate over all integer coordinates (x,y), if the callback returns true then canvas[x][y] = ‘*’. But my implementation only works when printing straight lines, always fails to print hollow circles The following two pictures are the printed x shape and the wrong ring

How to add a console to a tkinter window

I want a way to add a console to a tkinter window or redirect the output of the eval or exec functions to the maybe a uneditable text widget in tkinter. Also I want it so the code does not have to be saved first to get executed, I want it to be executed nevertheless. I have already viewed a

Writing Arabic in Pycharm console

In PyCharm I have no problem in printing Arabic in the console, but the problem that I can’t write in Arabic. Instead it is written as weird symbols. How can I fix it? Answer It’s likely that you’re using some weird encoding, try to change your file encoding to UTF-8 or UTF-16: more info: […]