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Tag: iteration

Iterating through a column and mapping values

Here is what I am trying to do. I want to substitute the values of this data frame. For example. Bernard to be substituted as 1, and then Drake as 2 and so on and so forth. How to iterate through the column to write a function that can do the following. Answer The function already exists – pd.factorize. It

Iterating through list of lists of lists

I am trying to iterate through a 3-D list in python(not numpy but I am willing to convert to a numpy array if this makes it easier) in such a way that from a list like this: I can get the output I can’t figure out how to make it iterate like this… My code: I’ve tried different things but

Iteratively apply a function to an array

I want to create an array that contains g^0, g^1, g^2…. up to g^100 but all to mod50 (apologies if anyone knows how to format this so the powers are properly aligned I need a bit of help!) In my case g = 23, so I would want an array that looks like: I’ve included all my (incorrect) code at

Animation issue in Python

I want the green rectangle to not disappear as it moves from one value to another in matrix b. For example, the rectangle is around 0.24671953. Then the rectangle stays on this value. Then another rectangle appears onto the next value which is 0.25959473. Then another rectangle appears on 0.41092171, with the previous two rectangles not disappearing. Answer It looks

Iterative summation

I’m trying to write a python code that allows me to iteratively sum up the average values of three elements of a list, starting with the third element and its two predecessors. Let me give you an …