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Faster bit-level data packing

An 256*64 pixel OLED display connected to Raspberry Pi (Zero W) has 4 bit greyscale pixel data packed into a byte (i.e. two pixels per byte), so 8192 bytes in total. E.g. the bytes become Converting these bytes either obtained from a Pillow (PIL) Image or a cairo ImageSurface takes up to 0.9 s when naively iterating the pixel data,

Check if files in dir are the same

I have a folder of 5000+ images in jpeg/png etc. How can I check if any of the images are the same. The images were collected through web scraping and have been sequentially renamed so I cannot compare file names. I am currently checking if the hashes are the same however this is a very long process. I am currently

Creating a PNG file in Python

I have an application where I would like to be able to generate PNG images from data in Python. I’ve done some searching and found “PIL” which looked pretty outdated. Is there some other library that …