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Tag: flask

Add a prefix to all Flask routes

I have a prefix that I want to add to every route. Right now I add a constant to the route at every definition. Is there a way to do this automatically? Answer The answer depends on how you are serving this application. Sub-mounted inside of another WSGI container Assuming that you are going to run this application inside of

How to upload a file using an ajax call in flask

Hi I’m quite new to flask and I want to upload a file using an ajax call to the server. As mentioned in the documentation, I added a file upload to the html as folows: and I wrote the ajax handler as this I do not know how to get the uploaded file (not the name) from this and save

Playing a wavefile from the html using flask framework?

This is my code This my base.html file this my tasks.html This my s1.html In the s1.html i have a hyperlink to a audio wav file . I want to play the audio file from the s1.html. The wav file is present in the root directory. It is throwing error GET /ps.wav HTTP/1.1″ 404 Please tell how to solve

redirect while passing arguments

In flask, I can do this: render_template(“foo.html”, messages={‘main’:’hello’}) And if foo.html contains {{ messages[‘main’] }}, the page will show hello. But what if there’s a route that leads to …

how can i safely write to a file when using Flask?

I need to write a method on a Flask server which will write part of the request to a log file. However, if I understand correctly, Flask is multi-threaded, and there’s a good chance that writing to a file is not safe. Admittedly, I am more or less new to Python and multi-threaded programming in general, so I need someone

Return JSON response from Flask view

I have a function that analyzes a CSV file with Pandas and produces a dict with summary information. I want to return the results as a response from a Flask view. How do I return a JSON response? @…

Sort dict in jinja2 loop

I’m still learning jinja2 and flask and I’m having a difficulty using dictsort in jinja2. So I’m passing this dict into a jinja2 template: {‘PEDD United’: {‘id’: 37828, ‘rank’: 12, ‘totalpts’: 307},’…