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Tag: elasticsearch

How to search by dict keys in ElasticSearch

I am new in elasticsearch and I need to write query described below I have an elasticsearch index with documents like this one Numbers mean entries of words in book I want to search documents by words “cats” (not “cat”), “monkey” and e.g “mous”. How do I write query that will find “cat”, “monkey” and “mouse” in document and consider

Python webhook API

I am trying to create a python webhook to receive data from my ELastic SIEM (JSON format), when I try it I am getting this errors: (sorry It’s my first time using python, so couldn’t know what’s the …

How to update the Elasticsearch document with Python?

I am using the code below to add data to Elasticsearch: But how do I update the document? Here Dr. Messi, Dr. Christiano has to update the index and Dr. Bernard M. Aaron should not update as it is already present in the index. Answer In Elasticsearch, when data is indexed without providing a custom ID, then a new ID