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Tag: windows

Launch program with python on a specific core

there is any way to launch program by its API using python and run it on a specified core? i need to launch a cpu-expensive application about 5 times and run it on different core in order to save time. i’m using windows Answer The process can set its own affinity, here is what I do (you can change the

Missing files for `magic` library on Windows

I need to get mime type for some files on windows, so i’ve installed python-magic (on 32-bit python 2.7.3). It depends on unix magic library. Author instructs to get regex2.dll, zlib1.dll and magic1.dll from gnuwin32 project. So i saved the files to a folder and added the folder to my system PATH. Now when i execute magic methods, i get

Celery + Django: Cannot start celerybeat on Windows 7

I’ve been developing a Django application and I am now trying to add Celery for background tasks. I need both normal tasks and periodic tasks to be queued. I can start up celeryd just fine, and execute tasks with it (I start it with the command python celeryd start –settings=settings –loglevel=INFO). On Windows you can’t do -beat/-b to enable